Arctic thaw means… Z



And now to something entirely different – the zombie apocalypse in northern latitudes. We use 28mm miniatures to represent survivors organized in small groups. One or two players taking care of one group. A typical session they enter the eerie zone of zombie infested buildings and hunt for clothing, food, water, medicals, ammunition and vehicles. There are also other strange monstrosities around and pockets of radiation, gas and corrosive liquid. Hell is an appropriate word for it.


Ruins of Barentsburg

The groups can cooperate and barter but they sometimes turn on each other over scarce assets. Individuals have their own equipment, traits, skills and knowledge. One secretive and homicidal group seem to target all other groups. Lets present them first.


hazmatRumors says that this heavily armed and well equipped group belong to the government. They constantly try to ambush other humans. Their greatest assets are automatic weapons with silencers, plenty of ammunition, body armor, breathing masks and radio communication. The silencers make them dangerous, they can  fire their weapons without necessarily drawing attention from zombies. They seem to have military or special forces training. They however move slowly burdened by their cumbersome equipment and other bands try to gang up on them. Arktikugol are especially hateful since they are the survivors of a massacre conducted by HAZMAT at the start of the apocalypse.

Арктикуголь [Arktikugol]


arktikugolThese men are the surviving workers of the Russian coal mining company Arktikugol in Barentsburg. When the apocalypse started and they were attacked by HAZMAT they managed to break into a secret military storehouse and gather modern weapons, including two machineguns, and some ammo. They also have their breathing masks from work that come in handy when they enter the zone. They are no-nonsense, brave, hardy and determined, occasionally they have come to terms with the other teams even though they are suspicious. They however seem to have a friendly relationship with Team Norge, probably they were acquainted before the catastrophe.

Team Norge


norwayTeam  Norge consists of three townsfolk from Longyearbyen strengthened by two soldiers, the only survivors of Telemark Battalion. Usually they move swiftly into the ruins backed by the soldiers sniper team that provide support from a high position some distance away. They are familiar with the harsh conditions of the arctic. A couple of weeks ago they were ambushed by a group of vicious teenagers.

Schools out for winter


anarchyWhen the apocalypse swept over Svalbard a group of teenagers in a behavior modification and anger management program was stranded on the freezing island together with their therapist. A couple of weeks ago they where joined by a strange well armed man coming down from the sky in a small glider. He doesn’t say much except his name, Snake Pilsner, or something like it. For the time being he helps the teenagers, maybe he see a younger version of himself in them.

The hunters


polar-bearThe hunters are well accustomed to the surroundings. They are well clothed and fed but often raid the zone for equipment, ammunition and medicals. Other groups approach them to barter for polar bear meat. So far the encounters have been friendly but supplies are running low so the future looks pretty grim and desperation grow in many survivor groups. The hunters assets also include hunting rifles, snow shoes and two useful dogs, Gere and Freke.

Miniatures in action



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    1. Hello Dala. Thank you very much! The rules are 100% homemade. I went for UgoIgo after all. The excellent rules you gave me is better for few players, I think.


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