The sad and horrifying story of the Schwedenbürg constabularies final ordeal as notated by the venerable scribe Hieronymus

This miniature game report is set in a time of chaos and civil war in the imaginary renaissance Empire after a comet struck the city of Mordheim destroying it and scattering a gem called wyrdstone throughout the ruins. Wyrdstone was a potent mineral that could be used in vile alchemical experiments but also a terrible drug capable of creating hideous mutations. The small town of Schwedenbürg was situated not far from the city of the damned, Mordheim. The mayor Stephan and his advisory wizard Jerzy had debated the inflow of wyrdstone for years. Jerzy meant that although there seemed like wyrdstone was around one could not present the facts as it was uncertain how the townspeople would react? Stephan however needed to win another election and felt that he had to address this threat to security. In the end they however decided upon sending in the towns police force, the constabulary, on a secret mission to neutralise the wyrdstone dealer whoever it could be.

Elyas Danßon was the leader of the constabulary and best friend of the mayor Stephan. An intelligent and brave man of great stamina he was also soft hearted and well known for the custom to offer coffee and cinnamon buns to criminals and monsters alike trying to get on a good foot for negotiations. When ordered to enter Mordheim Elyas decide to take his two trusted lieutenants along, Evert Stroemback and Lars Gunvaldßon. He needed experienced back-up so an obvious choice was the one legged veteran madman “WG”. To fill the patrol out he opted for two young recruits, Kling and Klang. In case the coffee did not work they all dressed up in their best armour, bringing sharp fencing swords and an ample supply of the constabularies favorite weapon, wheellock pistols. “WG” brought his old two-handed flail who had been a reliable companion on many a campaign. Let the terrible ordeal begin.

mordheim-1Kling, Klang, “WG”, Elyas Danßon, Evert Stroemback and Lars Gunvaldßon.

Upon entering the old ruined no go zone Elyas decided on splitting the party sending Evert and the youngster Kling to examine the building while the rest followed the rubbled street forward. The main group of four did not get far when they where ambushed by a band of dark clad thugs with sharp knives hidden in their mantles. This time however the thugs were met by a well armed adversary of considerable strength and when Elyas addressed them with an offer a starving thug have hard to turn down it all ended in a friendly meeting. The thugs explained that a powerful evil sorcerer traded in wyrdstone but that the journey there would be extremely dangerous.

The thugs encountered were neutralized in a friendly way. Elyas tactic bearing fruit.

Meanwhile Kling and Evert searched the eerie ruins. Soon the chit chat of their companions could not be heard any more and they noticed a small blue lizard running across the floor in front of them. They decided to follow the strange creature. Wandering off to far they soon lost their way and stumbled into deserted streets and abandoned buildings.

mordheim-3Kling and Evert two lost and doomed souls.

The lizard was seen scittering around at times and the two constables tried to catch up. Rounding a corner they were met by a horde of blue lizards. Most much bigger than the one they had followed. A large one set his yellow eyes on them and hissed “Weee fish for foood”. The two were never seen again by any Schwedenbürger.

“Weee fish for foood”.

After saying good bye to the thugs the four remaining constables searched the ruins for their friends put then decided to press on. A rather bad decision as soon strange screams echoed through the streets. Strange creatures were glimpsed in dark doorways and windows, teeth and claws of strange bubonic mutants. The monstrous group got larger and larger so Elyas decided to offer some cinnamon buns but this time to no avail, suddenly the mutants attacked. The constables fired their pistols at short range and a terrifying melee ensued. The enemies payed a high price but their numbers soon begun to tell. In a last effort one legged “WG”swinged his flail around franticly but to no avail as he was disarmed and carried off into the darkness together with Lars Gunvaldßon, leaving the shocked Elyas and young Klang in the street.

The horrifying attack of the mutants.

Elyas finally decided to turn around and try to escape. The commander and his young adept started to move through the ruins avoiding the streets. Now they were the hunted and after a while they could hear movement behind them. Elyas encumbered and slow started to realise that their chances started to look bleak.

A reduced constabulary.

Klang stopped and suggested that he ought to try to lure the monsters away, the heroic maneuver could give Elyas a slim chance to escape. His last companion sprinting off waving his arms and screaming to get the attention of whatever moved in the shadows, Elyas started off in another direction. Rounding a corner he faced off directly with the wyrd stone dealing sorcerer himself. Swearing, closing his visor and drawing his sword he charged his adversary and an epic fight begun. Detonations, beatings, moans and screams echoed in the streets and they say that on a still day you can still hear them…

Elyas never returned from the ruins, neither did any of the constables.




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